The global conversation on learning is more alive than ever, but lacking in bold proposals. At Learn More we believe the best way to contribute to this debate is by sharing the most radical proposals and fostering heated, rigorous debate.

Our applied research initiatives are usually short research briefs on education and other topics, but may also take the form of Demos, Showcases, Workshops and Trainings.

Education is changing faster than anyone could have anticipated. The global Covid-19 pandemic demands that educational leaders prepare for a future in in which learning systems might no longer be centralised in schools but distributed across networks involving parents, civic society and other actors.

Our location in Milan, the heart of the European Covid-19 outbreak, has allowed us to gain valuable insights as to how learning systems can best be managed in the absence of a traditional classroom. During the spring of 2020, Learn More interviewed 30 teachers, parents, school heads, learners and parents to increase our understanding as to how distributed learning systems can best be managed, especially during times of crisis.

Grounded in this research, our forthcoming User Manual provides concrete guidance to school community members adapting to distributed learning systems models.

In line with our Action Research approach, we will distribute a Beta version of the User Manual in October 2020, so as to gather feedback from school leaders before sharing it more widely. Write to to receive a Beta version!

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, Italy’s youth unemployment rate was among Europe’s highest. Learn More is committed to developing solutions to this problem has brought us beyond the traditional scope of our research in education. In 2019, Learn More led a study commissioned by the British Council on the attitudes of young people aged 18 to 30 in Italy.

Since then, we have carved out an important role disseminating data and insights on this theme through various means, leading multi-stakeholder workshops with partners such as Consiglio Nazionale GiovaniAgenzia DireAssembraMenti and Repubblica Degli Stagisti. Most recently, Learn More led discussions on youth issues at the XXVIIth Pontignano Conference (the largest annual gathering of Italian and English leaders in business and government) and an online event with senior MPs and journalists on youth emigration trends.