School-level education is changing faster than anyone could have anticipated. The global Covid-19 pandemic demands that educational leaders prepare for a future in in which learning systems might no longer centralised in schools but distributed across networks involving parents, civic society and other actors.

Our location in Milan, the heart of the European Covid-19 outbreak, has allowed us to gain valuable insights as to how learning systems can best be managed in the absence of a traditional classroom. During the spring of 2020, Learn More interviewed 30 teachers, parents, school heads, learners and parents to increase our understanding as to how distributed learning systems can best be managed, especially during times of crisis.

Thanks to this work, we have produced a first draft of our forthcoming User Manual providing concrete guidance to school community members adapting to distributed learning systems models.

In line with our Action Research approach, we will distribute a Beta version of the User Manual in October 2020, so as to gather feedback from school leaders before sharing it more widely. Write to to receive a Beta version!