Core Team

Our professionals understand learning in systemic terms because we have viewed them
from multiple vantage points. Each of us has published research,
delivered programmes, and taught in multiple countries.

Lorenzo Newman

Managing Director

Lorenzo is a learning consultant with 11 years’ experience leading complex research and training projects for leading INGOs, UN and EU agencies and non-profits. A former middle school teacher, Lorenzo has implemented ambitious education and social innovation programmes across Europe, Africa and Asia.

Alice Pelosi

Senior consultant

Alice is an experienced Monitoring & Evaluation consultant and Project Manager with 12 years’ experience in designing and managing M&E systems for complex development programmes in the fields of Education, Gender, Health, Disaster Risk Management, and other fields.

Silvia Pontoglio


Silvia has 4 years’ experience in demanding research and project management roles on international development projects for NGOs and international organisations, primarily in humanitarianism and education.

Silvia Crespi


Silvia is a former primary school support teacher for vulnerable categories of children with a 3 years’ experience in demanding research in human rights and education.

Marcello Newman

Senior Consultant

Marcello Newman has 5 years of professional experience as a consultant working with and for NGOs, national governments and the European Commission, mostly in the education sector. Marcello brings extensive experience in teacher training through his work with the Royal Society of Arts and Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo. 

Joel Mullan

Associate Director

Joel Mullan has over 10 years’ experience of driving change in education and skills systems in research, evaluation, strategy and policy roles acquired through  roles at Jisc, a leading EdTech firm, and the Greater London Authority. He is an experienced evaluator, having assessed education interventions in the UK, Liberia and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. 

Eleonora Corsini

Associate Director

Eleonora has over 12 years’ experience in evaluation, innovation design, international development and learning. She has worked in 20+ countries for various clients, including USAID, EU, DFID, The World Bank, Oxfam, Care International, AAH and others.


Our trusted advisors are globally respected leaders in the fields
of education, social innovation and international development.

Ross Hall

Ross is Co-founder of The Weaving Lab and until recently led Ashoka’s global education work. He has over 20 years’ expderience in the education sector in a variety of venture development roles and leading economic and social development work for Pearson. 

Constance Agyeman

Constance is Head of International Development and UK prizes at the Nesta Challenge Prize Centre. She has over 20 years’ experience managing and evaluating large scale granted programmes in social innovation, youth policy and other fields for World Bank, USAID, the Greater London Authority and others. 

Jim Playfoot

Jim is a veteran education products and programme research specialist with over 20 years’ experience working with leading UK EdTech firms. He is a highly sought-after youth entrepreneurship expert, most recently lending his expertise and leadership to the Field Ready programme.  

Roster experts

Learn More can count on a roster of 200+ learning experts globally.


Years of experience: 10

Tags: Curriculum Design, International Baccalaureate, Policy analysis

Country experience: Slovakia, South Africa, USA


Years of experience: 12

Expertise: Big data, evaluation, training design

Country experience: East Africa, UK


Years of experience: 32

Expertise: Inclusive Education, Curriculum Design, M&E

Country experience: USA, SE Asia, W. Africa


Years of experience: 16

Expertise: Assessment, Qualifications, Big data, Secondary Education, Primary Education

Country experience: UK, Italy