Multi-Country ROI Evaluation 

2017 – 2018

Multi-Country ROI Evaluation 

In November of 2017, Learn More began supporting the Start Network and Action Against Hunger in an analysis of humanitarian preparedness projects under the DFID-funded DEPP program. To do so, Learn More drafted a revised version of the ROI project appraisal methodology. This was possible thanks to an extensive desk review of relevant approaches and best practice in humanitarian preparedness policy. The Learn More team then travelled to Ethiopia and the Philippines to carry out extensive interviews and focus groups with humanitarian workers across more than 10 different NGOs, gathering input on how to update the ROI methodology.

Quantitative and qualitative data gathered from the participants allowed the Learn More- team to compute financial savings, time savings, and improvements in capacity building attributable to the DEPP projects. Learn More was asked to present the findings at the DFID-funded Preparing for Shock conference in Geneva in March 2018. Together with PwC, Learn More subsequently carried out detailed analysis of both qualitative and quantitative final data and compiled a publicly available report that showcased the findings, including value for money improvements attributable to the DEPP projects.

The Start Network, Action Against Hunger

UK, Ethiopia, Philippines

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13 July 2020