Y20 Summit: Survey and White Papers


Y20 Summit Survey and White Papers

In the fall of 2020, MiSK Foundation commissioned Learn More and Horizon Group to write two white papers on youth trends and attitudes. These white papers grounded the 2020 Riyadh Y20 summit, a youth-led event bringing together young leaders from across G20 countries to discuss and debate the G20 leaders’ agenda.

The white papers explore young people’s attitudes towards global citizenship, their future fit in the job market, and how the recent COVID-19 pandemic has changed the youth’s perspectives on a wide range of topics.

We based our research on a unique, internationally comparable dataset that gauges the view of almost 10,000 people aged 18 to 35 from different walks of life in all G20 countries, representative by age and gender.   We then analysed the data against existing literature and the opinions shared by leading experts and practitioners in the fields of labour and youth policy. Data was broken down by age, income, gender, and country and analysed to reveal trends around attitudes towards education and employment.

Download the full papers here: 

Y20 Future Fit Report

Y20 Global Citizenship Report

MiSK Foundation

Saudi Arabia

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21 October 2020