Lines of service

We offer tailored consulting services to leaders in education, social innovataion and international development globally.


Evaluations, market research, assessments, dashboards


Programme design, product deisgn, EdTech product testing, incubation,


Training, workshop delivery, capacity building, programme management

Our themes

Recent projects have focused on primary, secondary and third-level education systems in emerging markets, emphasising a wide range of topics including EdTech, Teacher professionalism, assessment and inclusion. 


Publishing, EdTech and Play

We work with our partners on technology that aims to engage learners as deeply and efficiently as possible: Examples include a demand analysis for a prominent eLearning platform and growth strategies for academic publishers.


Inclusion, Diversification, Platforms

We help clients devise strategies that help increase access to learning to those most likely to be left out. In recent years we have designed programmes for major donors increasing educational access to the poorest and most vulnerable in MENA, Southern Africa, the UK and beyond.


Pedagogy, Curriculum, Practice

We design and deliver learning experiences emphasising high-order cognitive skills. Through our network of experts, we are able to tailor learning experiences to public, private and third sector partners. Recently we delivered Teach for Italy’s Summer Teacher Training Instiute. 

We want to transform learning systems.