Learn More-led study on Child poverty in Italy for UNICEF finds persistent failures in coordination across policy sectors
Author: Learn More | Published: 29 August 2023
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In 2021 Learn More partnered with Istituto Cattaneo and Codici to conduct a “Deep Dive Analysis of Policies, Programs, Services, Budgets, and Mechanisms addressing Child Poverty and Social Exclusion in Italy”. This UNICEF-commissioned study aimed to inform the European Commission’s Child Guarantee policy for upholding the rights of vulnerable children. The research took an in-depth look at social policies, programs, and existing measures adopted by the public sector to address child poverty and educational inequality in Italy.

The study found that integrating social and educational policies remains challenging in Italy. Policymakers struggle to coordinate horizontally among different institutions and vertically among various levels of government. Social inclusion, healthcare and education are devolved to local authorities, resulting in levels of service delivery that vary drastically by region. Funding remains insufficient with public expenditure on children and adolescents below average compared to most Western European countries. Recommendations were shared with Italy’s parliament and informed the Italian Child Guarantee Action Plan.

Access the complete report here and a shorter Policy Brief here.

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